The story of civilizations across the globe makes you see the crucial and sometimes painful lessons.

"It always has been this way and nothing changes" (Your acquaintances) Historical studies help you appreciate the historical roots of hostilities as well as conflict that led to and occasionally, still spark the current disputes. The history of the past reveals the changes in society that occurred over time. Examining The Roman Empire shows how a civilization can rise to fame and then decline. It puts them into context and provides explanations so that we can comprehend the causes of changes.

The reason for this is due to politics and social issues, in addition to external influences. Understanding the historical process and understanding how fast societies change is essential in analyzing the world. The pattern of a society’s rising and falling can be traced to a variety of other world societies. Events that change the course of history, like events that change the course of history like Russian Revolution and its subsequent collapse and rising of Hitler and Fascism and the current Arab Spring uprisings and past economic crises show how there could be huge economic, political and social shifts within and across societies. History Repeats. These changes could have profound effects on the political and social structures of the societies which can offer an ideal platform for social changes.

If you don’t research the background of the world’s civilizations, as well as how things took place in the past you are at risk of repeating the same mistakes. In spite of the above examples many people fail to grasp the dynamic nature of the past and argue that it’s always been this way and it isn’t going to change’. Studying the same issues from the past gives you a way to tackle the challenges and aspirations that face the world right now. The past has proven that this is not true since societies are changing over time, and, furthermore that the world is always evolving and changing due to the complexities of capitalism. The information you learn from historical research can help you discover solutions to global problems. Marx addressed this dynamic of capitalism within his Communist Manifesto thus: For instance even though America lost the Vietnam War, the U.S. attempts to regulate the actions of the Middle East today, using the same method which failed during the 1960s and 1970s. "All frozen, fixed relations and their tangle of venerable and ancient beliefs and prejudices, disappear, and any new ones are deemed outdated before they are able to ossify.

Past Lessons. Everything solid dissolves into the air, everything sacred is savaged and man is finally forced to confront the real circumstances of his lifeand the relationships with his fellows." Cynthia Smith, history professor at the University of Hawaii, suggests that when you study history and compare to learn the factors that made a difference, as well as what didn’t , and the reasons. In the sense that Marx believes that social relationships – the ways that humans interact with one with nature and each other change constantly and driven by the fundamental economic logic of capitalism. The story of civilizations across the globe makes you see the crucial and sometimes painful lessons. This dynamic change constantly alters the production methods and, consequently, the social structure until the point at which the exploitation of relationships are exposed and susceptible to being thrown out.

Wisdom is gained through understanding that results in positive results. Our story or history Why the history of people is so important. One example of comparative historical events can be seen in the assassination attempts of John F. The roots of the word history stem from a combination of two words"his" and "story’. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, two tragic incidents separated by more than 100 years. It is the information we receive the his-story. Congressmen from the past struggled for human rights, and were revered by many, yet disliked by those who disagreed with their political opinions.

His-story is usually the simple tale of heroes as well as brave queens and kings powerful governments, and fights that are won and lost. Additionally, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 attacks brought together an American nation that was patriotic. According to Tanner says, Although the effects of individual U.S. territorial attacks may differ, both tragedies of surprise are defining events of American history. "Studying about the past once reserved for society’s elites. 12 Careers You Can Pursue with a History degree. It was used for specific reasons, such as to gain the support of political regimes or to convince people to support campaigns and victories, to record military successes or to celebrate the achievements of those who were thought to be important people like Saints and Kings." The classes in history at the university level are usually an intriguing and exciting experience following the often watered-down (and sometimes incorrect) syllabus taught in secondary and primary schools. This is especially the case in the educational system in which the dominant ideology determines the curriculum. Knowing every detail about your nation’s history as well as other cultures, takes up four years of intense research studies, research, and of course, lots of research papers.

It has changed in the past with the "History From Below" movement in the 1960s that promoted the history of the people online. Although you’re enthusiastic and put in the determination it’s not right away clear what you can do with your history degree. We must also remember that the history of our times is often written by the winners, which means that terrorists are transformed into freedom fighters, imperialist armies promote democracy, and western-led revolutions lead to advancement.

Therefore, if you’ve picked an academic major in history, but aren’t thinking about the options it could offer and your future, you’re at the right location! This article reveals the most sought-after jobs in the field of history.

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